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Marketing techniques are open to evolve and get better over time.

Realtors are yet to realise these benefits and are only scratching the surface when it comes to taking full advantage of what digital marketing has to offer. 

Some of the latest happenings in Real Estate:

  • India is urbanizing rapidly
  • By 2030, the country is expected to be home to seven mega-cities with a population above 10 million
  • 600 million Indians or 40% of the country’s population will likely live in cities

New Normal


Why Automation in Real Estate Business?

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We believe in creating ecosystem to build marketing automation system for Realtors to ease the process.

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Our Campaigns for Lead generation (For our Clients)

Marketing funnel

This is a start where you strategize the your real estate business and understand the marketing workflow and implement it simultanuously

Sales Funnel

This stage is like brain behind your existence in market, sales with the help of marketing can automate process to improve the conversion.

Overall funnel

This is how the overall funnel of a real estate business should look like. Its very important to understand an implement funnel like this to your business.

Course Curriculum

Real Estate Market, History of Real Estate in India, How this course will help you optimize you Real Estate business.

Current Scenario, Projection of Real Estate market, how to dwell into this market scenario, how market giants are doing to grow their business

How to create ads on Facebook and Instagram, Setup Free version Hubspot CRM and connect with your real estate business, How to approach in today’s world to market yourself, Devising marketing strategy, Marketing funnel, Buyers journey

360 approach for sales in Real Estate, Sales + Marketing Automation, CRM Sales Management, Sales strategy project-wise

How to build journey from Marketing to Sales, Building relation and tactics, Marketing Sales Automation

Know how data has become today’s oil, Past data analysis for sales, Data Analysis from big realtors

Going all out i.e using as many channels as available to reach the user/ lead to get the conversions

Know why landing pages are the most important elements for any real estate projects

Live QnA sessions with participation certificate

You're in good hand

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(Click the button below and invest Rupees 699 only to get access to this amazing course.)

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