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Real Estate Sales techniques are quite an opportunity to improve after figuring out these numbers

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Real Estate Sales has evolves a lot but realtors are yet to realize that.

Strategies have changed, so as approaches.

Nearly 75% of realtors leaving the real estate domain because of inappropriate approaches towards the sales process in first five years.

Some of the latest happenings in Real Estate:

☛ India is urbanizing rapidly
☛ By 2030, the country is expected to be home to seven mega-cities with a population above 10 million
☛ 600 million Indians or 40% of the country’s population will likely live in cities

Do you think, you can achieve or part of this journey by using same old traditional approaches?

Real Estate Sales Strategy Funnel

Modern Day Real Estate Business Workflow

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Course Curriculum

Overview of this course, what are the challenges and all.

What is sales strategy, what is the origin point of sales, what are the activities involved in various steps.

How traditional funnel will not work, whats in for for new funnel. whats the process

360 approach for sales in Real Estate, Sales strategy project-wise

Answering the most important from the buyers perspective

We’ll be discussing about the skills requires as real estate sales person i.e Negotiation, Writing Strong Copy, Tackling objections, Presentation, Local area knowledge

Taking you to though the live demonstration how leads are manage by sales person, what all things need to be taken care

Know what all have changed during or due to COVID in real estate sales process.

Know the very important factor which helps in cost optimisation and revenue optimisation. Also get to know what is collaborative approach in sales?

This module is about how there should be single goal for sales and marketing and how it should be aligned. Also there is a mindmap on how you can check with marketing team/ person to go about for lead generation

This is a game changer in real estate sales, as you get to know how to build sales intelligence for your real estate business with lead quality FORMULA tool that too with demonstration.

3 Live QnA sessions for FREE CRM and Landing page setup with participation certificate

Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnel in real estate setup the prospecting of leads looking for properties

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel helps to build a pipeline which leads to property booking

Overall Funnel

Real estate funnel helps you build an entire ecosystem for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get a completion certificate.After your completion of last module, just drop us email at hello@realtomation.com for the certificate with Subject: Certificate + {Course Name}.

Well, we are not guaranteeing you any job after this course. But, you will get to learn a lot and if you implement those things with regards to real estate activity, you’ll get edge over the others.

Absolutely! This program takes you through step-by-step process from basics to advance. The concept is going to be simple enough for you to implement.

You will have to implement things as you learn. Practise will make you perfect. Currently, there is no refund or cancellation policy.

Yes, the course is accessible for lifetime.

Yes, you always have an option to reach out to us on hello@realtomation.com to get the help or even WhatsApp us on 9326136906